Wedding napkin ideas

First cloth napkins appeared in the Ancient Rome. Large rectangular canvases protected the bed - the patricians had their meals while lying down. Napkins were also used to pat-dry lips and hands.

Nowadays, to create a festive mood and to surprise your guests, you can create some very interesting figures out of simple cloth napkins.

Here we’d like to present to you a few ways of how to fold dinner napkins. And you can totally do this by yourself.

Way 1 - Candle

Start with a simple scheme that won’t require much time or experience. Roll your linen napkin and put it in a glass or a flute. Quick, easy and sophisticated, and, most importantly - your guests won’t be puzzled how to unfold it.

Way 2 - Rose

Having practiced folding the “candle”, it will be easy for you to grasp how to fold a napkin into a rose. To create this charming and eye-catching napkin flower you will need a cloth napkins and a small bowl.

• Place a square cloth napkin inside up. If it is not too wrinkled, ironing is not necessary, as it makes the rose more textured. Linen dinner napkins would work perfectly.

• Fold the napkin into a triangle.

• Starting from the bottom of the triangle, roll the napkin.

• You should get a long “string” - start twisting it onto itself.

• Tuck and pull the rose slightly to give it shape and place it in the bowl. Additionally, you can decorate it with some leaves (artificial, paper or real).

Way 3 - Clutch/Envelope

This simple option will be ideal where you would want to not overload the table. Cute handbags / envelopes can easily fit on a plate.

• Fold the napkin vertically in half (fold on the right).

• And once again fold in half from bottom to top.

• Bend the two upper layers of the left corner to the center.

• Bend the upper right corner to the center.

• Fold down the triangle.

• Bend the right and left upper corners to the middle.

• Fold the triangle down onto the first triangle.

Way 4 - Bow tie

Figuring out how to fold a napkin into a bow is very simple - you just need to stock up on some ribbon.

• Fold the napkin in half and once again in half (horizontally).

• Bend the long edges towards the center.

• Tie with a ribbon.

Way 5 - Name card

In the following two napkins-folding schemes is a place provided for a card with the name of the guest. This particular way is perfect if you are planning in advance who to sit next to whom and where.

• Fold the napkin twice, with all the corners pointing at you.

• Lay the corners one over the other so the previous one is visible.

• Bend the bottom corner over to for a narrow fold 

• Carefully tuck the sides behind

Useful tip: Before you fold your cloth napkins, perform some necessary preparatory work - wash, starch and iron them.

We hope you enjoyed these napkin folding techniques and would find inspiration for your special day.