Why are linen curtains good for you?

Flax linen curtains - the right choice

Modern linen curtains will be perfect for any space, any interior design.

Luxury long length curtains will be a perfect addition to your living-room while light and semi-transparent curtains with hemstitch or embroidery will make for wonderful nursery window treatments or will sophisticate your kitchen. A natural palette of soft gray and brown shades can fit seamlessly into any bedroom décor, creating a romantic and cozy atmosphere. Monochrome grey linen curtains will look perfect in an office or library roomy. By possessing an ability to suit almost any interior, linen drapes and blinds may become a great addition to your home.

Linen Curtain Lesna Natural (price $96.66)

Quality curtains and the atmosphere

Natural curtains made of 100% linen fabric will serve you many years. They do not fade in the sun, so you can freely use them on south-looking windows.

Ladies of the house who do not want to spend time dealing with complex curtain care choose linen fabric. This natural material has antistatic properties, so they don’t get as dusty as other fabrics do. However, you should protect your linen curtains from difficult stains as linen can suffer greatly from bleachers and stain removers.

Linen Curtain Lesna Natural (price $96.66)

Linen canvas curtains will keep their shape perfectly; although linen can shrink when washed in hot water. That is why manufacturers recommend following the temperature settings strictly when washing linen fabrics. Linen fabric wrinkles easily and ironing it is difficult, so you should avoid twisting and over drying it.

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As you can see the advantages of natural linen curtains easily overweight their cons - and those can be avoided by following simple recommendations.

Linen curtains can create an atmosphere of special coziness and warmth.