Types of drapes and curtains for your kitchen

Kitchen curtains perform both practical and aesthetic functions. They are also the visual accents that can set up the tone for the entire space. The right type will allow to increase the space or to change that disproportionately large or small window. Kitchen window coverings will hide you from passers’ eyes and will protect you from excess light.

Considering these and other aspects, it is important to choose the right fabric and curtain style for your kitchen.

Café curtains

These simple window treatments will look great in a rustic style interior, as well as provence or cottage. These telescopic cornices curtains usually cover the lower half of the window and do not interfere with the sunlight freely passing into the kitchen.


• they create unique comfort

• due to small size, they are easy to maintain

• they do not visually decrease space


• they are not suitable for modern interiors

• they provide little shade

Roman curtains

These classic curtains are used in almost all countries with hot climate. They let a sufficiently large amount of light through, but they also protect the house from excess heat. These are smooth cloths of fabric that form horizontal folds when lifted, overlapping onto each other.


• very laconic

• they get combined perfectly with drapes and classic curtains

• look good in both traditional and modern interiors


• this type of curtain has a lifting mechanism, which, like any mechanical construct, is prone to wear or breakage

• washing them is quite easy; however, the rails of the lifting system, which must be removed before washing, complicate this process.

Austrian curtains

When straighten and released, these traditional curtains are a smooth canvas. But when this curtain is lifted along its lower edge, slight drapes or lush arc folds (festoons) are formed. Almost any kind of fabric can be used, but preference is most often given to translucent airy textures.


• they are most appropriate in traditional interiors


• tailoring of these curtains and the choice of color for a certain room is difficult

• they are rather pricy

Best fabric for curtains in your kitchen

The material of quality curtains should, above all, be durable and easy to clean. It is desirable that it washes easily and dried quickly. The best fabrics for kitchen curtains are: linen, chintz, silk, polyester, tulle. Some manufacturers offer special kitchen curtain fabric that is resistant to grease, fire, soot and fumes. Such curtains do not change their original appearance for a long time, but do require special care.

What color curtains should I choose?

The shade of the fabric can be in harmony with the overall design of the room or be a color accent.

There are some generally accepted rules for selecting fabric color:

• if the room is of pastel muted shades, then you can hang bright colorful curtains, curtains with a contrasting pattern

• in many cases, the color of the curtains is matched to the color of the kitchen set or walls

• light and neutral color curtains or tulle are better suited for a small kitchen, but they should not be of the same color tone as the walls