Advices on how to pick sheets sizes

When it gets to choosing quality bedding, it’s important to decide on sheet dimensions. New bed sheet that is too large or too small will cause discomfort, making for a restless sleep. The fabric’s composition o high quality sheets is not of a lesser importance, but let’s talk things through in an orderly manner.

Bed Linen Set Welna White & Natural

Regular or a fitted sheet set?

Before answering the sizing question, it is important to understand which exact option is best suited for you:

Classic. The flat bed sheets are rectangular in shape. The edges fall freely from the sides of the mattress or are tucked in. 

Fitted. There is an elastic band that helps the sheet to cling to the mattress. The fitted sheet is well affixed to the mattress which prevents it from sliding off during sleep.

It should be kept in mind that the product with an elastic band must cover the mattress from all side; therefore, fitted sheets won’t work for some couches. 

Sheet-selecting formula

Different couches and beds vary in overall dimensions, and this fact must be noted when choosing linens. The following formula will help to calculate the size of a fitted sheet:

Mattress width + the bends from four sides + two times the height of the mattress 

Specialists do recommend adding 20 centimeters to the length and to the width of the sleeping area (for the fixation of the linen) and proving for the optimal stretch. The bend exceeding 20 centimeters might turn out to be too large, causing the sheet to crumple. When choosing the mattress sheet, double the height of the mattress is added to the bend - the sheet will need to tuck under the mattress on two sides. 

The fabric of the sheets

Modern market offers a great assortment of bedroom linen options: different colors and thicknesses of fabric. 

They are all divided into two groups:

1. Natural (organic)

2. Synthetic 

In regards to the synthetics, even thou they could be designer sheets and visually attractive, they are unable to create comfortable rest conditions. As a rule, artificial materials are bad at letting air through and at absorbing the moisture - as a result - they stick to the body during summer heat and they do not provide warmth in wintertime. Natural materials do not have such flaws. The best option of them all is considered to be the unique bed sheets made of flax (linen). 

Flax possesses such qualities as:


air permeability

environmental friendliness



Flax is an absolutely natural fabric that has unique conditioning qualities. It is capable of drawing heat away from the body during summer heat and it can provide warmth during the cold times of the year. Furthermore, flax possesses regenerative qualities. A unique element is contained within flax fibers, and it provides for speedy recovery of skin injuries. The sleep upon such quality bed sheets is often called “the sleep of beauty and health”. Doctors prescribe it to the patients suffering from allergies and asthma. This fabric is absolutely neutral and doesn’t cause allergic reactions. Moreover, it can prevent static’s destructive effect. Along with all that is said above, flax sheets wash well, they are wear-resistant and low-maintenance. Even after many years of use, these high quality bed sheets will not lose their great appearance, only becoming nicer and softer to touch.