How to sleep well?

Ways to sleep: what to sleep on to live long and happy?

A person spends a lot of the lifetime in sleep. During sleep, we rest, fight against the diseases, restore physical strength and mental balance. And healthy, strong and balanced people generally live longer.

But for how many hours and on which side of the body should we be sleeping? From here on opinions diverge widely.

But the thing is that if you want to live a long quality life, you need to sleep not more (or less) - you need to sleep, first of all, on the right bed and the right bedroom linen.

Getting from poor sleep to sweet dreams

Are you suffering from insomnia problems? Are you having difficulty falling asleep?

You may be surprised, but it could be the inconvenient mattress that is to blame. Or the pillow that is not suitable for you in terms of its hardness. But besides the high quality bedding like mattress and pillows, the overall fell of the bedroom itself plays a huge role in how quickly a person will fall asleep and how good that sleep will be.

Bedroom must be well-aired will help to improve sleep almost immediately. The temperature in the room should also be comfortable - in the range of 20-22 ° Celsius. And, of course, there should be silence and darkness in the room. In rare cases, when it won’t be obstructive, a very dim nightlight is allowed.

Benefits of linen sheets

It is widely known that linen fabric possesses unsurpassed qualities.

This can be discovered by purchasing any linen products: linen pillowcases, sheets, or a duvet cover.

Flax linen possesses some amazing properties:

• It makes you feel warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Therefore, if you are sunburned, a few minutes on a linen flat sheet will help to reduce the burning sensation - linen sheet can reduce the temperature by 4-5 ° Celsius.

• According to scientists, linen weakens the impact of unfavorable ecology. Quality linen does not accumulate static electricity, and therefore stays clean longer and does not cling to the body.

• For people with skin conditions, various types of allergies, asthma, and rhinitis - for who dyes, bleaches, antistatic agents, artificial fibers, and fleecy fabrics are strongly not recommended - nothing is as good as flax linen bedding.

• Fax linen fabric does not clog pores and provides good ventilation to the skin.

• Scientific studies have shown that high hygienic and durability levels of natural linen bedding promote increased blood circulation, stimulate the body’s regeneration and help in fatigue reduction.

• Psychotherapists are convinced that flax fibers can protect people from depression, neurosis and mental disorders. Therefore, flax is so relevant right now in the times of constant stress. Thus, flax is an excellent material that saves not only from a chemically aggressive environment, dust and radiation, but also from mental and spiritual irritants.

• Doctors believe that flax helps to reduce colds. Scientists have found that sleeping on linen sheets contributes to an increase in blood levels of immunoglobulin A, which plays a large role in restoring the immune system. As a result, such sleeper feels healthier and healthier. Neither synthetics, nor even cotton bedding are able to provide such an effect.