Shabby chic: history, colors, textile

If you like the look and feel of a romantic and soft interior, flower wallpaper, photo frames, lace and frills, then Shabby chic interior design is perfect for you.

This style is becoming increasingly more and more popular and is in demand due to its special charm. This is a rather light, dreamy and authentic style that can make any interior a completely unique one.

The history of this chic style 

This charming style in the interior design is quite a young direction that emerged by the end of the 80s. 

It originated in the UK. The author of this style is Rachel Ashwell.

Initially, she was designing interiors of her own house, and that made it absolutely unique...

In her search for non-standard solutions, she was looking for beautiful and unusual antique furniture. Upon finding, Rachel would then restore a piece, giving it a more modern look, but with the spirit of history still present.

Then she added decor and textiles that would match the style of the house. All of the elements and details were used to create a harmonious combination with the old pieces of furniture she had found.

When the project idea of her dream home was fully brought to life, Rachel gave this romantic style a name - Shabby chic. Undoubtedly, it quickly gained fame and became popular among the lovers of everything new, elegant and luxurious.

Photos: Pinterest

Colors of the style

The main colors in the interior are muted and soft. These are light pastel colors: milky, slight cream colors, pale lilac, pink, light turquoise and others.

The shades are aesthetic; however, they seem to look like they have faded with age. The space should be light and airy.

Photos: Pinterest

Shabby chic textile décor ideas

Textiles in these romantic interiors are expensive natural materials, such as: silk, satin, linen, with an abundance of folds and draperies.

Curtains can be of a classic cut, floor length, or unusual, for example, with pelmets

• The colors of fabrics in the interior are either plain with decorative elements, or with floral patterns

• Self-woven rug will match the style perfectly

• Old vintage carpets with rubbed parts will look harmonious in living rooms and bedrooms, and a small rug will fit nicely into the kitchen

• Lace bedspreads will be suitable for bedroom décor 

• A variety of pillows of different colors and sizes will decorate sofa, chair and bed

Textiles in this style are called to create an atmosphere of festivity, elegance and lightness.