Linen Café curtains - short and sweet

Café curtains (or “country curtains”, sometimes called “half curtains”) made of flax linen are the best option of traditional kitchen window décor for Provence, Rustic Country, Vintage or Shabby Chic styles. Flax linen curtains possess unique chic, unparalleled weaving and texture - such curtains will bring a special sense of comfort and traditional nature to your kitchen.

White cafe style curtains for kitchens of sheer linen fabric look very gentle and airy. Hemstitch and lace detailing can add to this special charm and elegance.

Neutral curtains of more coarse and thick linen fabric in natural shades are more suitable for a rustic style interior. Such curtains can be decorated with light embroidery, lace.

Café curtains can be attached to the cornice in various ways: on drawstrings, on loops, on ties, on braid and hooks, on rings and grommets and on other decorative accessories.

Cornices can be attached to the window in three ways:

Inside the window opening

Above the window opening to the wall

On the window frame separately for each section

Where to buy kitchen curtains in café style?

These days the majority of café and bistro curtains proposed on the market are made of synthetic fabrics. It is quite difficult to find ready-made curtains made of flax linen on the Internet or in a regular curtain shop today. What is also difficult is finding the right size and design. So it’s better to choose a particular model that’s will work for you, get linen fabric and order tailoring in a studio or from private craftsmen to get yourself some quality curtains.

Since linen café curtains do not require complicated finishing, décor, cut and proportions, they can also be sewn with your own hands. The beauty of these curtains lies in their simplicity.

How to make natural linen curtains in 5 minutes

If sewing café curtains on your own doesn’t sound appealing to you, but there are a couple of beautiful clean linen towels you have, we suggest making curtains out of them!

To do so, you only need to prepare the clips for curtains, attach them (maintaining the same spacing between) and hang your beautiful new linen kitchen curtains.

If you need to shorten your homemade curtains - undo the factory seams, iron and cut the fabric, and then hem where the length is right.

The second way to shorten the length without sewing: fold one side over (if the pattern on the fabric allows) and fix the fold with clips as shown in the photo above.