How to store bread correctly?

Storing fresh bread

Our ancestors knew the special secret of making bread last to the last crumb - they wrapped it in linen towels to keep its freshness and tastiness.

So, every family had fresh trouble-free pastry for the whole week.

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Some popular ways

Using plastic bag with holes. However, reusing this bag is not recommended. Bread wrapped in a plastic bag stays soft for about 5 days.

Fresh pastry may be kept in a tightly closed pot or jar with an apple placed there too – then fragrant and soft buns will stay fresh for at least 2-3 days.

Cut bread starting in the middle and then keep two halves together in paper or plastic, cut to cut – this is one of the most efficient ways of keeping bread fresh and delicious.

Should you put bread in the fridge?

If you have bought too much bread or you are about to be away from home for a few days, then you can leave bread in the fridge. Mold is not prone to growing at low temperatures, so you have a good chance at keeping your bread fresh longer if you follow some simple rules.

Use plastic bag with holes, fabric or paper bag that protects products from other fragrances and keeps moisture at optimal level.

It is strongly not recommended to keep bread and other bakery products that have already started rotting in a fridge, otherwise fungi may affect other produce.

Hot pastry should not be put into the fridge - otherwise the compressor can get damaged.

The best way to keep bread is to wrap it in linen napkin or place it in a linen bag to store it in a bread box made of juniper or birch bark, as these materials are amazing natural antiseptics. Try not to buy or bake bread in advance to avoid scratching your head over how to keep it fresh. But if your bread did become stale use it to feed birds or make toasts and croutons – waste none!