How to pick bedroom curtains

Modern day bedroom window fashion is aimed towards providing the maximum amount of sunlight though the widows. However, bare windows don’t look cozy. For the room to turn out fashionable and stylish, simultaneously providing the necessary level of comfort, the correct type of curtains must be selected.

How to buy curtains: secrets of choosing

The decorative role of the curtains can’t be considered to be the main one; first and foremost, this textile is called to protect the room from the sunlight and from unwanted watchers. Bedroom window coverings are the most difficult to be choosing textiles for, because the curtains are to be dense, but not overloading in the interior. It is also very important to decide on the color and the texture of curtains.

Photo:  Laura Ashley

Shades and Drapes: pastel bedroom

Light, straight and vertically folding curtains can be considered the versatile option. As a rule, designers prefer linen window curtains. Linen fabric possesses the beautiful natural texture, is durable, of a great quality and is stylish. Besides, linen is famous for its antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities, which is especially important for creating the favorable microclimate in the bedroom.

Floor length curtains of pastel shades will allow you to visually extend the room in height, making it more spacious. 

And the curtains can be attached to the cornice in different ways - on hooks, on flap loops, on eyelets. The advantage of the last option is in the ability to create the perfects folds. The rings can be of metal or plastic.

Curtains for panoramic windows

If your sleep sanctuary’s window view is nice and you don’t want to close it off, choose sheer bedroom curtains. The best option would be to choose the linen veil. You will be able to highlight the beauty of big windows, visually heightening the ceiling and providing for an interesting panorama. Same fabric combination of roller blinds and classic curtains will look quite stylish as well. You could use bamboo window treatments for your south-looking windows. They will surely protect the room from sunlight, making for an original interior design accent. They can also be used in rooms with vertical curtains of neutral colors.

Photo: Varvara Home - linen curtain Welna White
Photo: AspectCreativeAgency

Japanese curtains

It’s more often now that we see Japanese curtains in modern day bedroom interiors; these curtains consist of fabric screens with the help of which the whole window or a part of it gets closed off. Japanese curtains can be decorated with themed drawings.

Bedroom curtains golden rule

When choosing the color of the curtains, one should follow the unspoken rule - if the wall decoration is monochrome, the curtains chosen can have a pattern. And if the walls have prints on them, the fabric must be of a neutral shade. The best option is snow white curtains - such textile will draw lightness and airiness into the room, and will look festive. Even in a combination with pastel walls, white lined curtains will look spectacular.