How to choose the right kitchen towel?

Let’s think, why we need a kitchen towel at all. At first glance, a kitchen towel does not seem an important accessory in the kitchen. We pay way more attention to choosing of top-notch knives, pans, casseroles with different anti-stick coatings, shapes, etc. As a rule, a kitchen towel is somewhere at the bottom of this list.

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But think about how often you use kitchen towel in your kitchen. We wipe our hands, fruits, and vegetables, dishes, and cutlery with it, polish glass surfaces or crystals or even use a kitchen towel to grab the hot baking tray to take it out of the oven. We can continue this list of deed when we need a kitchen towel. We use kitchen towels all the time without even noticing it.
A kitchen towel is an important and irreplaceable helper for any lady.

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What is the perfect kitchen towel?

1. A kitchen towel must wipe well; absorb moisture good and quick; be streak-free.

2. A kitchen towel must dry quickly. It is not so pleasant to use wet towel at all.

3. A kitchen towel must endure many washes. Ideally, a kitchen towel must be washed every day, so the fabric must be durable and strong.

4. A kitchen towel must be of good size, neither small nor big. A too small or too big towel will not be easy to use.

5. Finally, let’s think about the look. Using a beautiful kitchen towel that matches the kitchen décor, furniture and the rest of the kitchen textile is an additional pleasure.

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We must pay special attention to the fabric the towel is made of when choosing the kitchen towel. 

What is the perfect fabric for kitchen towels?

Choose towels made of natural fabrics without synthetic fibers.

The best choice is purely linen towel. These kind of towels are rated the highest among buyers. As a rule, experienced buyers choose only 100% linen towels for themselves, despite their higher price. Our next article will tell you, why linen towels are worth the highest praise.

Halflinen tea towel is another good choice. These towels combine properties of linen and cotton fabric. They absorb moisture better and dry quicker than full cotton towels. When choosing a union towel, go for those with no less than 45% percentage of flax.

Cotton towels are the most popular choice. The main pluses of cotton towels are their moderate price and mass availability. Compared to linen and union variants, cotton towels clean worse, dry longer, become dirty faster and are not as durable and strong.

Synthetic fabric towels absorb water pretty bad and leave strokes. They also suffer from high temperatures during washing. The main advantage of synthetic towels is their low price and vast availability.

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When choosing a towel, you should also pay attention to fabric density. The thicker the fabric, the stronger and more durable towels. Thin towels deform and tear after frequent washes. Besides, thin towels get wet oftener, and it doesn’t make sense to use a wet towel. Thin towels are good for polishing or final wiping of the cut glass, dishes, and cutlery.

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