How often should I wash and clean kitchen towels?

It is believed that they should be washed after each use. Dishtowels and kitchen tea towels are the most dangerous breeding grounds for bacterial contamination in your home and kitchen. The best temperature for bacterial growth is 37°C (98F), and dirty kitchen dish towels hanging by the stove are a perfect “hatching unit” for germs. The 2014 research done by the Arizona State University scientists showed that 25% of all kitchen towels are contaminated with pathogenic bacteria such as E.coli.

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Experts recommend washing towels after each use at 60°C (140F) and then pressing them with hot iron. If you use your kitchen dish cloths and towels to wipe raw products then washing and ironing is not enough. You would need to boil them for 5 minutes or soak them in diluted bleaching agent for 30 minutes.

The conclusion is simple – change your towels every day.

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