Hemstitch – Back to Basics

Imagine a cozy rustic house decorated with hemstitched textile and your young great-grandma holding an embroidery hoop and a needle. Wood crackles in a fireplace, a soft howling of the blizzard is heard outside the window, and a masterpiece is born in the hands of the craftswoman – amazing lacy lines of pulled threads. This is how women’s clothes were decorated in days past. And it looked so elegant and exquisite! Nowadays, the fashion of the lace embroidery has returned because a handmade product expressing the identity of the master is worth its weight in gold. Such textile had become exclusive nowadays, and many housekeepers decorate their houses with tablecloths, napkins and other textile products with lacy hemstitch.

The art of pulling threads – this is hemstitch!

You must be aware that for hemstitching only strong fabric with simple weaving is used; they are easy to draw the thread from and these are linen, silk, batiste, cotton or canvas. After the through-and-through seams are made on the surface of the fabric, a pattern is made. The rest of the threads are bundled in bunches of various sizes in the shape of tassels, columns or different reliefs and that is done without any knots. Usually only 3 to 5 threads are bundled and this is a very delicate and masterful work; no wonder hemstitching is considered not just handicraft but true art. Besides, lacy patterns may be single or multi tiered and they may be decorated with delicate multicolored needlework or beads to make them look even better.

Hemstitch is a must have for your stylish and elegant interior

While hemstitching craftswomen have to count threads, so this work demands attentiveness and patience. And you have no second chance in this craft or the harmony of the pattern will be disturbed. Hemstitch looks elegant not only on tablecloths and napkins but on bedding, drapes and kitchen curtains as well. An apartment decorated with such fabric always looks unique, fresh and authentic. Such home is filled with love, coziness, and warmth of the hearth; it’s a place you want to live in and enjoy every day.

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