Decorative pillows as an instrument of interior transformation

With the help of such versatile accessories as decorative pillows, it’s possible to easily transform any interior design, creating a very special mood indoors. Moreover, this type of space renovation won’t require much time or serious financial spending.

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The secret to choosing decorative pillows

For the pillow composition to turn out stylish, it is important not only to do the right count, but to also decide on the size and the function of the particular room. For instance, what looks great in the dining room or the bedroom won’t be suitable in the hallway or the kitchen. If a room already contains a lot of décor (e.g., vases, candlesticks, photographs or framed paintings, etc.), one needs to be cautious with the quantity of pillows. Otherwise, a sense of clutter might appear. If the room is spacious and contains a minimum amount of accessories, it’s possible to use pillows of different styles and sizes. Especially regarding chill out zone - there can’t be too much pillow décor in here.

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Color of pillowcases

The most common mistake while choosing the color of pillowcases is trying to match them with existing bedcover, blanket or furniture upholstery. Curiously enough, it is the sales people of furniture stores who often suggest that, offering customers to purchase pillows form the same material as, let’s say, as couch upholstery. 

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Options for color combinations in a room:

the color of pillows must be a few shades more saturated or lighter than the main color palette of the room

pillowcases may be of the same material as window treatments

pillows and furniture upholstery are better kept in a complementary color combination

The fabric of pillowcases

The pillowcases’ fabric to be chosen is to match the stylistics and the mood of the interior design. For example, in French style bedrooms, most suitable are satin, silk or fluffy woolen pillowcases. For County, Provence, Classic and Minimalism styles the best option would be decorative pillows in linen pillowcases.  Besides, linen fabric may be of various densities and colors. Not only are such pillows stylish and beautifully textured - this fabric boasts unique qualities. 

Linen decorative pillows are absolutely hypo-allergenic which allows for their usage in households where there are members with allergies and small children. Linen’s premium quality and durability provides the products with long trouble-free usage period, making the machine washes possible. With time linen won’t lose its excellent condition, only becoming softer to touch.

How to place pillows correctly

Interior designers suggest creating textile accessories’ compositions of different shades and shapes. Three to four pillows will be enough for a couch in the living room, two to five pillows for a bed, and just one will be great for an armchair.      A "4 standard + 1 creative" scheme is considered a win-win situation. The "3 to 1" proportion will look just as good. Modern day variety of decorative pillows will allow choosing light monochrome options, as well as items of deep, saturated colors, ones decorated with stylish stripes or embroidery. Introducing decorative pillows to your home, will add a sense of warmth and comfort, which we so especially need on cold winter nights.