Provence-inspired kitchen curtain styles

Provence-style kitchen can’t be pictured without a beautiful window treatment.

In this post we’d like to present 7 best ideas for a Provence-style interior, will share a few tips on what kind of fabric for curtains might be best for you and will also have some inspiring photo to help you visualize.

Idea 1. Classic white curtains

Let's begin, perhaps, with the most universal way of window decoration - white cotton or linen window treatments. Such curtains will fit into any interior, but they are especially good in small and dark kitchens - they do not prevent natural light in the afternoon from entering the room, they reflect artificial lighting in the evening and do not overload the space.

But it should be said, that such curtains need to be washed more often and should not be hung near stoves and dining tables.

And for simple white curtains to not seem too boring, choose options with interesting details, for example, loops, bows, lace inserts or ruffles.

Idea 2. Roman blinds picked up with ribbons

Classic Roman shades are just great, but in the Provence-style kitchen, their “country version” will look most organic - it is when the length of the canvas is not adjusted by a lifting mechanism, but rather manually, using ribbons.

Idea 3. Cafe window curtains

Café curtains (also known as “bistro curtains”) are short curtains that in the past decorated kitchen windows. Most often these simple curtains are combined with lambrequin, but if you wish, you can use them solo, pair them with longer curtains, soft Roman or roller blinds. "Cafe" is usually hung on a special telescopic cornice directly on the window sash.

Such short curtains can be made in 5 minutes ... from your favorite pretty kitchen napkins.

Idea 4. Linen curtains

Quality curtains made of 100% linen are a win-win for any Provence-style kitchen, not only because of its natural beauty, but also due to its practicality. Flax tolerates frequent washing and ironing, is very durable and wear-resistant.

Idea 5. Soft lambrequin

A soft lambrequin of a simple cut can add rustic chic to any curtains and at the same time cover the cornice and top of the window opening, if they have any flaws. However, this decorative window treatment can also be used as an independent curtain. This is especially true if there is not enough natural lighting in the kitchen, but you don’t want to leave the window bare.

Idea 6. Hourglass curtains

Hourglass curtains are very compact and elegant, they are convenient to open and close. If your stove is near the window, you should not be afraid of the winds with hourglass curtains - the fabric is fixed to the window at the top and bottom. Hourglass curtains are hung on telescopic mini-cornices and are fasten on the window sash.

Idea 7. Soft roller blinds

Standard (cassette) roller blinds look too proper for a rustic kitchen, but soft roller blinds will fit just fine. Since these curtains are simple in style, they can be easily sewn with your own hands. Roller blinds can be made more interesting if their back and front side are sewn from different fabrics.