5 Tips on how to keep your kitchen towels clean and neat

Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house or flat. Something is always going on in there: the water flows, the food gets cooked, and the ingredients are being cut. It is impossible to do without dishes and kitchen linens, but they tend to get dirty quickly. Too often those stained towels are hard or even impossible to wash clean as the oil, fat, and fruits’ natural pigments eat into the fabric.

If you follow simple dish towel fabric care rules and know some secrets of textile cleanliness then the question of how to wash your kitchen towels clean will never arise.

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Choose linen or waffle weave kitchen towels

These days, towels are made of different fabrics. Perhaps in a store you may want to buy soft bulky dish towels that are so pleasant to touch. But terry cloth fits bathrooms more than kitchens - this kind of fabric takes longer to dry and a lot of germs can collect in its cells and folds. So, it is much better to go for traditional canvas fabric like linen towels or waffle weave dish towels.

Change towels often

Do you want your towels to be getting dirty less often? Would you like them to serve your longer? Then you should change them as often as you can. Health professionals recommend washing kitchen dish towels after every use. Why? Read about this in our article: "How often should I wash and clean kitchen towels?".

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Choose towels made of white, natural or colored-yarn fabric 

If your kitchen towels are made of white fabric you can bleach them and boil them at 95°C (203F). As a rule, unique kitchen towels with painted designs or uniformly dyed fabric towels of bright colors cannot be washed at high temperatures. The optimal temperature setting for them is 40°C (104F).

However, if you have decided to buy fancy towels of colorful designs, then choose colored-yarn fabric ones with resistant dyeing that can withstand multiple washes. Fabrics for such towels are made of pre-dyed yarn.

Use towels only as intended 

Do not use good quality towels to wipe tables, dirty floors or sink. Do not use them as oven mitts or pot holders. If you use your towel only as intended, it will stay clean longer. If you are cooking for a grand dinner, use disposable kitchen napkins or kitchen paper towel – those will help you to save your energy and your quality towels to remain clean.

Ironed towels get dirty less frequent than wrinkled ones

You must iron your towels after every wash to help them keep their shape and cleanliness. Besides, hot iron treatment cleanses the towels even more. So, if your favorite kitchen linen set did happen to become dirty or stained, it must be thoroughly washed. There are so many ways of oil and stain removal - like with chemicals or impromptu means.