Shrinkage of flax and other fabrics

How to wash linen to prevent shrinkage?

Linen items cannot be washed at temperatures above 40 degrees Celcius. Delicate wash at a temperature of 30 degrees with an additional rinse is the most suitable mode. But it is best to wash flax linen with your own hands in plenty of water and without prolonged soaking. Still, flax linen is considered to be a very capricious fabric and requires the utmost cautious treatment.

If you still have loaded flax linen in the washing machine, do not allow spinning, not unless it is intended for linen products. Washed linen should never be twisted, rather just straighten it and try to give the product its original look.
If you don’t want to be wearing linen item that’s a size smaller, never boil flax or dry it close to heating appliances.

What to do if linen clothes shrunk?

Even in this case, you can still return flax linen to its original size. Without spinning, rinse the product in warm water and hang it to dry in a well ventilated place. Then you need to be ironing linen item while its still damp, stretching it slightly.

There is an even simpler way, without rinsing and drying - iron your flax linen item through a thick cloth or folded damp gauze.
As a rule, before the production begins, manufacturers treat the fabric to keep it from future shrinkage - this process is called decating.

Before buying linen fabric or other linen products, be sure to read the technical information about the product and fabric or check with the seller what degree of shrinkage will the product have after washing.