How to take care of linen bedding?

Appealing, durable, and nice to the touch – quality bedding made of linen has always been considered one of the best. That is why linen has always been quite expensive. However, it is not only a price tag of a linen set that scares many shoppers away but also the intricate process of taking care of it. Many people often think about how hard it is to iron linen fabric for it to keep its initial luster. But in reality it is enough just to know the basic rules of providing good care for this wonderful fabric and it will never give you too much trouble.

Washing bedding made of linen

• Linen bedding can be machine or hand washed. Don’t forget to button up all pieces of the bedding if there are any.

• Avoid the contact of laundry powder with fabric – powder should be pre-dissolved in water.

• Your washing, rinsing, and spinning cycles will be successful and safe for the linen bedding if you will fill the drum only half-way.

• Color bedding should be washed separately from white and at no more than 40°С. Special laundry powders for colored fabrics will help you keep your fabrics bright. White bedding can be washed at the temperature of up to 60 °С; bleaching linen is not recommended. Enzymes or bio-supplemented bleachers (such as chlorine) can damage flax fibers and your item will wear out too quickly.

• Spinning should be done at a speed of no more than 600 rotations per minute; otherwise, the fabric will have hard to iron wrinkles, even after steam press.

How do I dry clean linen?

• Do not wring your bedding manually by twisting it. The best option possible is to let water drip naturally.

• Linen bedding should be fully smoothed out and hung to dry.

• Air drying is the perfect option, plus your bedding will be getting a fresh scent.

• If you use a drier then it is important to choose the best setting – neither too hot nor too cool and without heating. The final cooling cycle will help most wrinkles disappear.

• Stain removers can damage pure linen fabric, so before using the remover on the fabric itself, you should try it on the reverse side of the item first.

Can you iron linen?

• Linen fabric irons well only in wet condition. The degree of necessary dampness depends on the thickness of the fabric.

• Maximum temperature linen can tolerate is 150°С.

• If the fabric lost its luster because its fibers became fluffy you should iron the bedding from the front – the initial luster should come back.

• You do not have to iron linen items until they are fully dry. Leave it a bit wet and hang it smoothed out to dry completely.

Storing Linen

• Before storing, linen bedding should be ironed well – otherwise, the wrinkles that will appear with time will be hard to iron.

• In order to keep your items from changing their color, you should keep them away from the sunrays. The best way to do so is by storing them in cloth bags or paper.

• Do not store bright colored items together with white ones – the dye can leech from one item to another at points of contact.

• Lint can appear on fabric made with added synthetic fibers; to avoid that, you should always choose 100% linen products.