How often should you wash pillows and mattresses?

Pillows: every 3 months

Your pillow stuffing serves as sponge, absorbing sweat, and with time turns into a real breeding ground for bacteria and mites. Scientists discovered that these microorganisms and their waste and dead cells may constitute up to one third of the pillow weight. While the pillow that has never been washed may contain in average up to 16 different fungi.

That is why specialists recommend washing pillows every 3 months in the washing machine at 60°C. It is better to use liquid washing agent (because laundry powder can leave stroke marks) and rinse cycle it twice. When drying you may place two tennis balls into the drum – it will help stuffing avoid felting.

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Mattresses: every 6 months

Much like pillows and bedding, mattress is a breeding ground for bacteria, dust mites, fungi, and even moldy spores. Besides, other dangerous microorganisms can live in mattresses, such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Norwalk virus and bacteria of the Campylobacter genus (which are acute intestinal infection agents). In particular, Norwalk virus can live up to 6 weeks inside your bed. That is why you should thoroughly clean and wash your mattress at least once in half a year. It can be vacuum-cleaned or processed with vapor and then thoroughly ventilated. Upholstery must be wiped with wet cloth moistened with special shampoo; after that the mattress should be turned over to dry. If your mattress topper material fits a washing machine then you may also wash it.