What is Shabby-chic?

Term comes from the English word “shabby”, which means “worn”, “distressed” and “chic” - “elegance”. It is the name of the style in the interior design, decor and fashion. The name itself can literally be translated as “worn shine or chic”, which reflects its essence fully. This is a very young style, the author of which is a London-born designer and entrepreneur - Rachel Ashwell.

Photo: ajoyfulcottage.com

What does the style look like?

The essence of this style can be seen in furniture and details that are artificially aged or distressed.

Shabby chic furniture or other elements and items can both be old and brand new. If they are new, then they are painted mostly in light pastel colors and are scrubbed in places to create the distressed effect. Several layers of paint should be visible on Shabby chic style furniture, as if a table or a stool was painted over many-many times. Various techniques are used to create such interesting worn effects, from using cracking varnish to the “paraffin method”. In this style, patina is warmly welcome - the greenish stains occurring on metal that has been under the influence of time or some chemicals - patina is often seen on old bronze.

Photo: shabbychichomedecor.info

This style uses soft pastel colors: bright white, ivory, soft pink, light blue. Pastoral motifs are often used as an ornament, which makes Shabby chic interiors related to the Rococo style - roses, birds and angels of pastel colors; and as far as geometric patterns go - only a light cage pattern or stripe is allowed. Shabby chic style loves a lot of delicate textiles, lace napkins, pillows, bedspreads, chair covers and it requires stylistic uniformity - one or two details of the Shabby chic decor won’t be enough. It should also be noted that hand-made elements are very encouraged to be used in Shabby chic decorating.

Photo: shabbychichomedecor.info

In the interior design, this style is a combination of two incompatible concepts - beauty and wear.

Shabby chic style is not afraid to show defects that are the results of time ruthlessness to objects - it demonstrates those marks openly. Do not confuse the interior in Shabby chic style with the house of a junkman or a hoarder.

Shabby chic style uses traditional, high-quality things made of natural materials.

The age of such items only increases them in value and price.

Shabby chic design may be considered bold, and sure it is not for everyone.

Usually, it is just one room or a themed section that can get designed and decorated to have a Shabby chic look, rather than the whole apartment or house.

Shabby chic interiors and décor are suitable for people with an artistic seed, for creators, photographers, artists, or studios.