Picnic - fun in the Sun

It is finally warm out, and it means that it's time to start planning a picnic!

In order for a picnic to be successful, it is important to think about what the table (or its “substitute”) will be like - this must be where it will be pleasant for all the guests to sit down at, eat and relax.

Depending on the arrangement and style, you may chose to have a truly romantic picnic, or it may look like a fun party - let your imagination take off.

Three important aspects of a perfect picnic

1. First thing first, find a beautiful place - a glade or a sparse forest will do. You can also find similar nature scenes in city parks.

2. Use nature to create improvised furniture - stumps and logs can be covered with seating cushions. A great way is to use blankets and bedspreads to create soft seats.

3. You will definitely need two tablecloths. First, place a base tablecloth (or thick construction film) on the ground, and cover it with a beautiful tablecloth of your choice. It is convenient when the “table” is slightly higher than the seats. The tools at hand can be used - cover your picnic case/basket (if any) with a tablecloth, or bring a folding table.

Picnic decor and little tricks

Here are some tips to help you have a beautiful, thought through and successful picnic:

• When choosing table coverings for a picnic, one should give preference to durable fabrics like linen - linen throw can easily withstand the impact of nature from one side and from people - on the other.

• Do bring your glassware (or even the whole set of dishes) - that way you can experience the special pleasure of not eating from plastic.

• It would be great if the tablecloth, dishes and accessories do all color-match. Aesthetic pleasure is as important at a picnic as the joy of socializing and the classic picnic food.

• Decorate your table with beautifully laid out food. And you can also use flowers picked directly from a glade or bushes.

• Use candles in street lanterns - it is beautiful and safe.

• If you would like to have a picnic under a tree, tie satin ribbons on the branches.

Note that special dish sets and picnic baskets are sold today in almost all major supermarkets.

• The cooler bag will help in delivering all the food products safely. In it you can also bring cooled drinks - such bag will be saving them from extreme heat for a few hours.

• The wind at a picnic won’t always make your guests happy, especially when your guest napkins are ready to fly in an unknown direction. Napkin rings will help to "calm" any flying objects - do not forget to bring them.

We wish you a pleasant time outdoors!