Linen or Cotton: what is safer?

Linen canvas - medicine in every thread

Scientists have proved that wearing organic linen fabric will prevent a series of health problems. Flax plant has unique bacteriologic properties – it is too hard for germs and fungi to take root on flax linen fabric. This is a perfectly clean and eco-friendly fabric that is a natural sanitizer. Linen kills bacteria and infections, suppresses harmful micro flora, and makes it so that wounds heal faster under linen bandages. There is silica in the flax that hinders bacteria development.

Besides, no pesticides or herbicides are used during flax cultivation, unlike cotton.

Cotton canvas - nothing like linen

Culture of cotton cultivating is the most contaminating one in the world. Manual labor is heavily used during cultivation of cotton. The intensive use of chemicals leads to serious diseases in farmers who work with cotton. Cotton culture comprise only 2.4% of the world agriculturally used areas, but it requires 24% of all pesticides that are produced in the world (source – World Health Organization, WHO).

Various pesticides used for cotton cultivation are considered DANGEROUS for health and even BANNED by the WHO. According to the WHO, every year one million people are poisoned and 22,000 people die because of cotton culture.

For ordinary cotton the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides correspond to 40% of the cost of its production (source – International Council of Cotton).

Moreover, next stage cotton undergoes multiple treatments during the fabrics manufacture. Today, many manufacturers prefer to purchase bio cotton - no pesticides and chemicals are used for its cultivation and water is reused.