What is better: linen vs half-linen

What is half-linen, and what’s good about it?

During the processing of flax stems, some parts of the fiber break off, and they are used for the production of mixed fabrics - for example, half-linen (also known as cotton linen). Such fabric combines the properties of natural flax and cotton, but at the same time the benefits of flax do not manifest as brightly.

Half-linen dries quickly, and ironing it is very easy. However, the wrinkling of natural linen gives it that unique charm, especially in ethnic clothes.

Half-linen is not as strong and durable of a material, since less durable cotton is present in its composition. In addition, flax fabric is more environmentally friendly than cotton, because chemical fertilizers are not used in flax cultivation. As far as the antiseptic properties of linen - due to the mixed composition, half-linen’s degree of therapeutic effect is reduced.
But the most important thing is that half-linen is more affordable than pure linen.

Photo: half-linen napkin

Telling linen from half-linen

Linen and half-linen differ from each other in that cotton is woven into weft yarns - so these fabrics look differently. The surface of linen fabric “shines”; this fabric is prickly, dense and heavy. Half-linen has no gloss, it is softer and lighter, and its surface is rough. Well, the differences in softness are only relevant before the first wash - with every wash linen becomes softer and nicer to touch, while still keeping its shape. There is a nother difference. If you touch the 100% flax linen, you will feel light thickenings on the surface - this is due to the flax stems having a fibrous structure. In flax production, only natural properties are preserved - this is the main advantage.

Photo: half-linen tea towels

What to buy - linen or half-linen?

So, if you are choosing a fabric for its quality and utility, it is better to give your preference to flax linen. It is safer for your health in terms of environmental friendliness and has a powerful therapeutic effect on the body - this is especially true for people with allergies.

Linen fabric will last longer - it is not by chance that linen textiles were once passed down from generation to generation. You can count on at least twenty years of active usage. Actually, that is why flax products are more expensive - they can be used for a lifetime.

If cost is your priority, then, of course, half-linen is the best choice.
People who value comfort, for whom the quality of products comes first, will not trade 100% flax linen for mixed fabrics. If you start using linen textiles, you will not be able to find its replacement.It’s easy to fall in love with flax immediately - and forever...