Why choose 100% linen?

Flax linen is a natural material, one of the oldest on Earth - it is since the VIII century BC that craftsmen learned to create canvas from flax stems. This is a very laborious process, but the result exceeds all expectations. Flax linen fabric possesses unique properties, and there are no analogues to it in the world. However, nowadays, sometimes cotton is added to flax fiber. This combination of linen and cotton is called “half-linen”, and it has its pros and cons.

So, what should you consider about 100% linen fabric?

Photo 1: half-linen tea towels, photo 2: linen tea towels 

Linen canvas fabric: natural, eco-friendly, healthy

Linen fabric is obtained in a natural way from the fibers that are in the stems of plants. To do this, they are harvested, soaked and scutched, until the fibers are released from the stems, and then they are processed into yarn.

Since flax is of natural origin, it does not cause allergic reactions, so for many allergy sufferers this is a ral salvation. One can surround himself or herself with flax linen on all sides, acquiring not only clothes, but also natural linen bedding, towels and other home textiles.Flax is a natural antiseptic that destroys microbes, viruses, bacteria and suppresses pathogenic microflora; therefore, it is used in the manufacture of bandaging material and surgical sutures.

Linen fabric is perfect for any climate. In heat, it lowers the temperature of the skin by 3-4 degrees Celsius. 
Organic linen fabric lets the air pass freely and absorbs moisture perfectly, so there is no feeling of stuffiness, and less sweating. During cold weather, on the contrary, flax retains warms.  It may seem that flax feels the needs of the body and cares for it.

Modern doctors conducted a variety of scientific studies and found out that flax improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and reduces fatigue. 
Sleeping on linen sheets wonderfully relaxes and rejuvenates.

It is also recommended to work at the computer while in flax linen clothing, since they protect from harmful radiation that is coming from appliances, and it does not electrify at all. In modern cities, flax linen is indispensable because it protects from stress and depression - the ever-present companions of scientific and technological progress.

Photo : linen tea towels

Flax linen material is a durable and wear-resistant material so ropes, tarpaulin and fire hoses are made from it. It is very practical in everyday life - for example, it gets dirty slower. And if it did get dirty, it washes easily in a regular washing machine. Quality linen products do not turn yellow in time, do not fade in the sun, they dry quickly and there will be no fabric pellets - basically, a godsend for a thrifty lady of the house.

However, natural linen fabric has its disadvantages - it shrinks, wrinkles and is expensive. 

And while there are ways to reduce the degree of shrinkage and wrinkling of flax linen, there are none as far as the cost - uniqueness and naturalness are worth their price.