Natural is the new popular

We live in the times when products of natural origin are becoming increasingly more and more popular. People that choose such products demonstrate a great deal of wisdom, since such products are safe for them, their loved ones and the planet at large.

Natural materials like different types of linen fabric make for harmonious “envelopes” for human bodies. But the useful qualities are not the solo expression of organic linen fabric - it is also the unforgettable and unparalleled look of this fabric that makes it unique.

Good quality linen textile, from rustic to aristocratic, is a luxurious fabric and is appreciated by many. And believe it or not, but organic linen clothing can be very stylish! Flax has this special “immunity” to different and ever-changing trends in the fashion world. So, a more or less classic cut will remain relevant regardless of what designers demonstrate. However, and it must be said - flax linen clothing appears quite often on fashion runways today.

The demand for flax linen is stable; therefore, choosing such clothes, you will never look old-fashioned. Having made a bet on flax material, even in the most formal of clothes, you might even feel a bit involved in celebrities.

Fashion trends: where do they come from?

There are a few very distinct origins of fashion trends that exist. 

Some of them are:

Runway - many of today's trends come from the looks that famous designers demonstrate each season during Fashion Week events in New York, Milan and Paris

Street Style - this term essentially refers to everyday looks that can be seen on the streets and be easily worn in everyday life. This looks usually come from people with natural great sense of style, influential YouTube stars.

AND, of course, from celebrities - they are the ones of the biggest driving forces in trend generation. Most of them are even more influential than fashion houses or magazines. People enjoy following celebrities and knowing what they prefer. And so fans look to them to see how garments can be worn, what silhouettes are popular and what fabrics are preferred.

Many of world’s famous celebrities, famous actors, stunning singers, Italian travel and style journal editor and even the Duchess of Sussex all have something in common, and it is more than their high status - it is their choice of linen and flax.

Left to right: Jennifer Lopez is giving a great insight on what to wear with linen pants - a loose off-shoulder white top. Summer linen pants are a staple in many wardrobes - natural linen goes well with many clothes. Emma Watson is wearing a beautiful lightweight linen fabric shirtdress with her sleeves rolled up and a sun hat, making this look casual yet put together. This formal linen dresses can also be worn with sleeves buttoned and less accessory for more proper events.

Left to right: Meghan Markle is wearing bright white linen top with timeless ripped blue jeans - classic combination in modern fashion world. Sarah Paulson is sharing some interesting ideas on creating linen outfits - pairing a flower dress with a linen duster over makes this look not only feminine, but comfortable.

Left to right: Sienna Miller is choosing a dyed navy blue linen sundress - with its flowy design it is perfect for hot days. Julianne Moore is wearing a loose linen dress with a few basic summer necessities - a sun hat, glasses and open sandals - such dress will keep you not only looking but also feeling cool.

Left to right: Chris Pine is rocking his natural linen outfit - men’s linen pants and shirts are popular amongst gentlemen today for they are very aware of the durable quality of linen, meaning such suit won’t need to be replaced often. And who has time to go shopping often? Carlo Montanaro of Corriere della Sera is proudly demonstrating his very authentic flax jacket and linen trousers - heirlooms from his father. This suit must be over 90 years! It is very exciting when we hear stories of such linen longevity.